What Can You Expect From A Coaching Program?

  • Individualized Support,

  • Transformative Conversations,

  • Purposeful Actions, and

  • Accomplishing Results that Matter to You.


  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners

  • Executives,

  • Leaders and Managers in Organizations

  • High Achievers

Who Want To

  • Be At Their Best,

  • Lead At Their Best, And

  • Live At Their Best.

What got you to your current level of success may hold you back from your next.

Every leader who has to stay at the top of their game, benefit from having a coach by their side. Since their discretionary time is so limited, many leaders forgo this necessity. They only seek coaching support when they seem to hit one wall after the other. In these times, they often feel isolated, overwhelmed, and they run out of ideas. Often they made critical mistakes that wasted money, time, nerves, resources, and self-confidence that could have been avoided.

Coaching is about having conversations that support the client in cultivating greater self-awareness, making new and more refined distinctions and building new behavioral competence.” The main intention is to create new insights and look at your current situation and challenges from a new perspective so that new ideas and solutions open up for you.

Even though coaching is considered leadership development business, what I do is help my clients uplevel their personal best in order to be effective leaders. Being and staying at the top of their game is a journey that requires consistent growth, skill development, and comfort zone stretching.

When you engage in my coaching program and spend time with me, you will look at your challenges and goals from a new perspective, gather a lot of new insights, discover effective how’s, and have the time to strategize meaningful actions.
Insights are the foundation of effective coaching. They are not external information pressed onto your consciousness but information coming from your inside that open up your consciousness to a new way of being and doing. And insights are crucial when you want to perform better because they are the catalyst for transformation. Suddenly, you see solutions for problems that you have been dragging around for weeks. Other problems can disappear. Plus, you will feel enthused to work on a specific project that you have been procrastinating for a while.

As a result, your entire world will shift – not only your workplace and the people around you but also your personal life. And that is what makes coaching so powerful and effective. My leadership coaching programs offer value beyond books. courses, TED talks, and university research. Working with me will be intense but also fun and enlightening – deep, one-on-one coaching that uncovers your blind spots and gives you the tools you need to succeed even more. It will excel your growth and take years off your learning curve.

If this intrigues you, read further information about the two programs I offer.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs;
ask yourself what makes you come alive.
And then go and do that.
Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

Harold Whitman

Leader Success 360

… is the ideal coaching program for executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who want the space to focus on their next leadership goals, the necessary team development, their personal fulfillment and work-life integration. I know it sounds a lot but with my personalized support you can have it.

Top Dog Leadership Coaching Program

Are you a leader who also happens to care for and love dogs? If so, you will enjoy the Top Dog Leader coaching program where we will include your dog and leadership lessons learned from dogs in your leadership development.

This is an intensive, fun, and experiential coaching program that will not only make a difference to you and your team but also to your canine companion. Check it out by clicking here!

I hired Iris to work with me through some particularly difficult times – I was overwhelmed with the demands of being a business owner and was in “survival mode,” not fulfilling my personal needs as well as just getting by on a professional service delivery basis. Iris was able to help me see how I was in control of my life, (both personally and professionally) and worked with me to develop strategies and approaches that worked for me. She is an amazing coach and provided me with the ability to develop and implement solutions that will work for a lifetime.

I highly recommend Iris to healthcare professionals in high-pressure careers – her coaching and counsel have definitely made the difference for me.

Healthcare Consultant, Houston, TX


Be at your best.

Lead at your best.

Live at your best.

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