Conversational Coaching & Consulting

In the new business environment, results are achieved not through command, authority, and control, but by facilitating the highest and best contributions of people throughout the organization. To this end, an entirely new approach to leadership is required – one that is grounded in strong relationships, conscious influence, targeted enrollment, keen perception, comfort with risk taking, and facilitation of conversations. Facilitative Leadership is proven effective in helping leaders and organizations accelerate results in the face of emerging business challenges.”
– Judith Glaser

One of the biggest challenges leaders face today is employee engagement. A 2013 Gallup poll surveyed 350,000 employees over a three-year period and the results couldn’t have been clearer: A vast majority of American workers–70 percent–are not engaged in their jobs. Then the kicker: “Gallup estimates that these actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity.

Additionally, an even newer study from Deloitte titled “Global Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the New World of Work,” showed that lack of employee engagement is the top issue currently facing a whopping 87 percent of HR and business leaders, up from an already startling 79 percent last year.

Engagement is a two-way street. It won’t work if only one of the parties is engaged. That means you, the leader, can’t get the engagement you desire without giving engagement in return. And, as their leader, you know that it is in your best interest and duty to be the first.

As long as your people are not engaged, as long as they fear change, and as long as you don’t know what is driving these behaviors, your company will never be as successful as it could be. You will work harder; you will push more, and all you are going to receive in return is resistance.

As Albert Einstein said, “a problem cannot be solved on the thought level it was created.” I am here for my clients to alter their leadership and work smarter when it comes to aligning their workforce with their goals. I work with my clients to create a safe context for change and growth. Business owners and executives learn how to engage in quality conversations at every level of the organization, to break down silos, and to build trust for open and candid conversations.

Working with me, organizational leaders learn effective ways of drawing out the wisdom and gifts inside their organization. They will practice the tools to build a culture of mutual ownership, leadership, and commitment across the entire organization.

Types of Conversational Initiatives:


… either on the team level or cross-functional levels to help then amplify collaboration, co-creation, and results.

Executive & Leadership Coaching:

… to expand a leader’s capacity to positively influence the organization to achieve success. I coach leaders to explore their leadership, team and organizational aspirations and to focus on developmental opportunities for growth, address blind spots and practice innovative ways to overcome competitive challenges.

Overview of Available Programs