Break the Cycle of Dogs Getting Returned

with “Got A Dog? – Get A Life!”

A ground-breaking program for dog owners that benefits rescue groups

The Struggles of Rescue Groups

Being in dog rescue is like a revolving door where it is sometimes difficult to see the difference you make. As soon as you adopt out one dog, 5 more are waiting in shelters begging you to get rescued. What is even more heart breaking when you found a home for a dog that you considered “good” but then days or weeks later the dog gets returned for various reasons. 

As a result of those situations, often times the dog developed some undesirable habits that make it difficult to find a new home. 


Dog Adopter Challenges

I believe families who adopt a dog want to do the right thing for their dogs but at the same time they are often overwhelmed. They already have a full and stressful life. They don’t understand yet what a dog that enters their family needs, and they often feel like they should figure it out on their own. After all, “it’s just a dog.” As a result – the dog suffers and they suffer.


Some people work it out. They do what is necessary and the dog’s well-being and behavior reflects that. 

And some tough it out. They keep the dog but in the long run the dog’s needs are not truly satisfied and the family copes with the unruly or destructive behavior of the dog.

Other families can’t make it work. They say that they don’t have time for the dog, they are allergic, their life has changed etc. and either return the dog to your rescue group or drop it off at a shelter. And the endless cycle continues.

The Solution

Got a dog? Get a life! – is a program intended to break this cycle and encourage families to transform their life and leadership with, from, and for their dogs. It is a new perspective of looking at their dog and their behavior, and using the issues at hand as an opportunity for their own personal and leadership growth.

After all, families want to make it work but often don’t know how. They want peace, they want harmony, but they can’t figure it out on their own; so they give up. 

The reason for this program is to raise more attention to the idea that dogs are more than just family companions. They can be our teachers and sometimes even role models when it comes to transforming our leadership and life performance.

My Long-Term Vision

With this concept, my long-term vision is to inspire more people to lean into this concept and encourage them to adopt dogs from rescue groups and shelter, not only the ones that are puppies and “flawless” but also the dogs that may have issues. After all, and I speak from experience, they have more to teach us than any young and “untouched by humans” puppy.

Let Us Partner Together

I want to partner with you and open your community of adopters up to this new concept of making incremental lifestyle changes to keep their dog long-term and with pleasure.

And I want your rescue group to make the money from this.


Each month I host a training program called Got a dog? Get a life! where I teach behavior, leadership, and life tips all around dogs. The days and times will vary from month to month to give as many adopters as possible the chance to participate.

Your adopters can bring their biggest challenge with their dog and get direct feedback from me, a leadership coach and dog trainer. Challenges can be:

  • I don’t know how to make my dog walk on a leash.
  • My dog drives me crazy with a certain behavior.
  • I don’t have time for my dog.
  • I feel bad that my dog sits in a crate all day. 
  • My dog annoys me with a certain behavior. 
  • My dog is too needy. 
  • I can’t control my dog. 
  • I am (or a family member is) afraid of my dog. 
  • My dog gets too expensive.
  • And so much more

Their investment in the program is $25 which is a direct donation to your rescue group. In other words, the more you encourage your adopters to learn about dogs, the more money you make.

It’s unnecessary to return a dog to a shelter or your rescue group once adopters can see the bigger picture and implement a solution that fits their lifestyle.

~ Reduce the chance that your newly adopted dogs get returned ~
~ Help your families shorten the learning curve ~
~ Receive monetary benefit ~

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