Attention: Executives and Senior Leadership Team

What would be possible in your organization if you and your physicians were truly aligned and engaged? How much money could you safe? How much more fulfilling would the workplace be?

Healthcare has its challenges and they won’t ease up in the years to come.

From physician burnout being above 50%, and physician engagement being as low as 20% – healthcare organizations are losing money and opportunities left and right.

Researchers find a “very strong relationship between [physician] satisfaction and burnout and the leadership behaviors of physician supervisors” in large healthcare organizations. They also find a strong relationship between physician disengagement and trust between physicians and non-physician executives.
Having worked with physicians on different performance and retention goals in the last 13 years, I know firsthand that many physicians leave healthcare organizations due to conflict with the organizational culture and dissatisfaction with immediate or senior leadership.

Every problem can be solved in a good conversation.

Many problems are created in the context of conversations.

Researchers also know that physician engagement is vital to a hospital’s or system’s success. For example, in one hospital system that Gallup studied, fully engaged and engaged physicians gave the hospital an average of 3% more outpatient referrals and 51% more inpatient referrals than physicians who were not engaged or who were actively disengaged.

Engaged physicians are also more productive. In the above mentioned healthcare system, fully engaged and engaged physicians also were 26% more productive than their less engaged counterparts, which amounts to an additional $460,000 on average in patient revenue per physician per year.

Getting physicians engaged and aligning them with the hospital’s vision and goals won’t get accomplished by pushing, incentivizing, or excluding them more. Instead, it means to include them in healthy and different conversations where trust is restored and new rules of engagement are set.

“To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of our culture, which depends on the quality of our relationships, which depends on the quality of our conversations. Everything happens to conversations!”
– Judith Glaser

Is this what you want or need to do?

If so, I want to support you and your team in accomplishing this. I partner with organizations and leaders who are willing to push the envelope, pioneer, and shape the quality and consequences of the conversations in their organizations from territorial to vital with a direct impact on the engagement of their workforce, growth of their organizations and on the bottom line. Let’s get started with a conversation. Click below to get access to my online calendar.

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