Do you consider yourself a leader in life or work and:

  • you just took on a new leadership role with expanded responsibilities and a new team
  • you feel disconnected from your team and consequently, they don’t perform up to the required standards
  • you feel overwhelmed with your role and your emotions sometimes destroy what you built up so hard
  • you sacrifice a lot of your personal time to catch up with work related projects and tasks
  • you either have a dog, related to dogs or truly love dogs.
  • And would like to make your dog your partner for leadership and personal growth.

I know the last two points probably threw you off a bit but I invite you to keep reading because I have a unique, fun, and life-changing leadership program that can make a difference to your 2-legged team members as well as your 4-legged partner.

I am Iris Grimm and I’ve been coaching and training leaders for the past 17 years. Parallel to that, I have also been educating dog owners about dog training and dog behavior modification. This program combines my passions and knowledge learned from dogs with my passion and proficiency of leadership coaching into a leadership-transforming experience. Just like you find equine-facilitated learning for leaders and their teams, I encourage you to partner with your dog to transform your life and leadership experience.

What does leadership performance have to do with dogs?

There is a saying that goes “how you do anything is how do you everything.” We also know that dogs can be our mirror, meaning their behavior is a reflection of our leadership. Mirroring demands that we stop, observe, and ask questions of ourselves. We do this to get to the aha moments that help us understand what the mirroring is about. Most of us are much more willing to learn about ourselves through our animals than through other people.

For example, my client Joe has a very obedient Labrador mix called Buddy. Buddy is very quick to follow his owner’s directions. He sits and waits submissively. Joe doesn’t allow Buddy to make a mistake. But Buddy also misses the glow in his eyes. When I met him I felt that he was a good dog but not a happy dog. When we examined Joe’s leadership style with his team, there were a lot of similarities. His team was very obedient but not very creative. They did their job, they put their nose to the grind stone and they performed just as good so that they would stay under the radar. And of course that wasn’t good enough for Joe but he didn’t know how to motivate his team.

In this program, Joe learned how to get Buddy to be more outgoing and Joe experienced a Buddy that was more fun to watch. We then transferred his new leadership in his company where he got his team more engaged in conversations where they shared their ideas without Joe intervening and knowing better. Buddy became Joe’s teacher on how to be a better leader who lets go of control and gives his dog and team more freedom to create.


Objectives of the Leadership Coaching Program

I have three primary objectives for clients in this program:

  1. Uplevel your personal leadership and presence. Dogs are ideal partners who reflect the strengths and weaknesses of our presence. The way you manage stress, process your emotions, balance your life, show up at work, and take care of yourself has a big impact on your leadership presence and how you are perceived.
  2. Build strong relationships and alliances. The success of your leadership is visible in the people around you. A lot of people think that obedience is a sign of good leadership but when you have obedience without fun, your team will never maximize its potential. Building trusting relationships with people around you is fundamental for leadership success.
  3. Apply best leadership practices that lead to desired results. Whether you want to improve the engagement of your team, implement a new initiative, restore relationships with key stakeholders, or just rebuild the trust and leadership with your dog, we will strategize your goals, match upgraded skills, and implement new actions that lead to rapid results.

My guess is that is what you want. I know that because I’ve worked with many leaders who wanted that. They were tired of struggling on their own and they needed a confidential setting where they could brainstorm ideas and discuss sensitive material.


What you can expect from this program

When we work together, you are going to transform your leadership experience. Taking it out of the workplace and observing it with your dog, will open up new insights for you that will pleasantly impact your performance.

As we work together you’ll start to experience the following:

  • More clarity of what it takes to be an inspiring and effective leader
  • More confidence in developing others and delegating tasks
  • More courage to connect with others and co-create solutions that you couldn’t imagine before
  • More focus in taking action and overcoming challenges
  • More understanding of what works and doesn’t work in leadership
  • More empathy for everyone
  • More fun and joy in your role of leading your team and inspiring them to greater performance
  • Better results which will be determined by you.

Leadership doesn’t need to be drudgery and doesn’t need to be lonely or controlling. In fact, when you apply great leadership practices, it will become effortless and it will have a life-changing impact on you and your team. And if your dog can partner with you to help you along this way, you may enjoy even greater joy and results.


How is this program structured?

This is what our coaching relationship will look like.

  • I work with my clients typically for 6 months, 12 months or longer. The length of the program depends on your current challenges, objectives, and environment.
  • We will start out with a focused but fun intensive where we will include your dog to increase your awareness around your leadership, develop transformational goals and build momentum. If you don’t have a dog but always wanted a dog, this would be the perfect time to acquire one because by the end of this program you could also have a perfectly trained dog.
  • Twice a month for one hour we’ll meet by Zoom Video, by phone, or in person if you are in the Atlanta area.
  • We’ll engage in in-depth conversations where you will bring your issues, topics, and goals. I will assist you in creating solutions and overcome obstacles.
  • When appropriate I will share proven leadership practices and ideas and provide you resources and materials to help you strengthen your leadership knowledge.
  • You’ll leave each session with clarity about what to work on next. I’ll hold you accountable and provide intermittent support if necessary.
  • You will have access to me by email and phone in between sessions if needed. If you have a question, need a resource or want some quick feedback, you don’t need to wait until our next scheduled meeting.
  • You will complete a short worksheet before each session to let me know what progress you’ve made. This helps us get off to a fast start each meeting.

 In addition, we can add the following services if needed:

360 Feedback Interviews – I will engage important key stakeholders in confidential conversations to learn from them how you can uplevel your leadership.

Shadow Coaching – I will observe your actions and approaches during team/executive meetings to provide you an outside perspective and additional insights.

ROI Measurement – we will put parameters in place to track the financial success of this coaching program.

Team Facilitation and Coaching – together we will customize this program to help your team to the next level of trust and performance.


What role will I play?

I take on various roles as we work together to maximize the outcome and results for you:

  • I’m a coach who creates the space and questions that open new insights and perspectives for you.
  • I’m a consultant who provides expert information and recommendations.
  • I’m a trainer and facilitator who teaches skills and practices.
  • I’m a trusted advisor who draws on 20+ years of business success
  • I’m a sounding board who provides a confidential setting to discuss sensitive topics.
  • I am a dog owner educator, dog trainer, and a former dog sports competitor who knows how to train a dog to higher performance, trust, and reliability.
  • I know what works and what it takes to be an outstanding leader.


How do you know if working with me is right for you?

  • You want to succeed in your career and life by applying best leadership practices.
  • You want to include your canine friend as your mirror, partner, and teacher to increase your leadership awareness.
  • You are ready and you will make the time to do what’s necessary to strengthen your leadership presence and performance.
  • You feel you need to work with someone in a very personalized way that will focus on your unique challenges and with a system proven to get results

But ultimately you can’t know if this program is right for you until we talk. I need to learn more about you and your situation for us to see if there’s a fit.


Overview of Available Programs