Unleash the Leader in You!

A series of conversations to transform your leadership
and for your dog.

When: Wednesdays at 12 pm EDT

Cost: Free

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Over the last 20 years, I have cared for and trained many dogs – not only my own.
Being with them taught me a lot … being present, leading with energy, trusting my intuition,
letting go of the past, believing in someone when everyone else around you tells you otherwise,
and so much more.

These leadership concepts are critical – not only with our dogs but also in the workplace and our personal lives.
I am curious and passionate about how we can partner with our dogs to be better leaders – for ourselves, for the
people around us and also for our dogs.

Join me in these 50-minute conversations where we will harness the wisdom of our dogs to create
more ease, freedom, and play. Come as you are, no prerequisites.

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P.S. These conversation topics are independent from each other. So if you missed one or two, no worries, please join us anytime. 

Previous Topics:

  • June 16 – Our relationship with dogs – our relationship with leadership
  • June 23 – Our dogs – our mirror
  • June 30 – Where did all the fun go?
  • July 7 – Emotional agility – how come dogs are so good at it but we humans often fail?
  • July 14 – Anxiety – an epidemic among humans and dogs

And if you work in a dog-friendly company and want to bring these or similar conversations to your team of dog lovers, reach out. Dogs are great catalysts for positive change.

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