Atlanta Executive Coach Launches Leadership Training Program with Canine Twist, Part of Effort to Reduce Stray Dog Population, Help New Dog Owners Adjust

Professional Leadership Coach Iris Grimm’s ‘Dog-Gone Leadership’ Program Announced on TEDx Combines Principles of Human-Dog Bonding with Team Training, Awareness Raising

ATLANTA (May 22, 2023) – Atlanta executive coach Iris Grimm has launched a leadership training program that connects a love for dogs with the principles of positive leadership and team building. The novel program also supports Grimm’s efforts to reduce the stray dog population and help new dog owners happily adjust to life with an adopted pet.

A 20+-year expert in coaching executives and teams, Grimm recently announced her new program on the TEDx stage. Playfully termed “Dog-Gone Leadership”, her approach is helping executives and teams turn a love for dogs into a motivator for leadership transformation.

“Dogs have so much to teach us. When we intend to bring out the best in them, they bring out the best in us,” said Grimm, who infuses her passion for rescue dogs into her work. “I coach business leaders and teams through sessions that harness the wisdom of dogs to empower leaders and teams to perform and interact more effectively. By combining our innate bond with dogs and our natural ability to learn by leading, we can create more cohesiveness in workplace relationships.”

Grimm, who also is an experienced dog trainer, brings canine friends to her coaching experience to demonstrate how the skills needed to bond with a dog are often similar to skills needed to be a trusted leader. Grimm coaches national and international clients with a focus on achieving leadership goals through workplace and personal balance.

The program is designed to elevate performance in the workplace and create better collaboration between leaders and their teams. At each session, Grimm also promotes the benefits of dog adoption and even features dogs who are seeking forever homes as a way to raise awareness around abandoned and abused animals.

Dogs not only make us better leaders they can also improve our mental health or give us a reason to adopt a healthier lifestyle, said Grimm, who volunteers with local dog rescue organizations to help new dog owners successfully welcome new pets into their homes. She donates a free video training series to people adopting dogs and hosts support groups for new pet owners. She also offers the Forever Your Dog training video course for a nominal fee, with proceeds benefiting dog rescue operations.


About Iris Grimm: For more than 20 years, Iris Grimm has been providing coaching, meeting and workshop facilitation, and training resources to national and international clients – all designed to bring about long-term success for leaders, teams, and organizations. Grimm has translated her passion for dogs into a new way to approach leadership training and coaching through the launch of her Dog-Gone Leadership program. The program harnesses the wisdom of dogs to inspire leadership transformation and healthier work team performance. The program also helps raise awareness around rescue dogs and the benefits of pet adoption.