Workshop, Retreat and Presentation Topics

Attending a long-term coaching program may not always be feasible. Or you may not be that familiar with coaching and could be rather skeptical about it. A presentation or workshop could be a better option for you. Whether you are dealing with communication breakdown among you and your team members, too much stress and not enough time, emotional insecurities, or not enough team members performing at their best, my presentation content is practical and realistic.

Workshops, lunch’n learn programs, retreats, breakout sessions, or presentations – whether as a 1-hour program,  1/2-day, full-day or 2-day retreat, can be a viable option to invite you and your team to discuss critical topics and upgrade important business relation skills. As a skilled speaker, facilitator, and coach, I keep my topics very pragmatic, interactive, and flexible.

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia I travel nationwide to deliver keynotes, workshops, and breakout sessions to organizations or associations.

I am appreciative and extremely pleased with the presentations you have given to the medical staff and leadership. The presentation at Medicine Grand Rounds on stress control was professional, stimulating, and very well received. In addition, the presentation at the Medical Staff Leadership Retreat on “Coaching Skills” was superb, and I received many accolades about the program from our physician leaders. Iris, many of the recommendations and points you make are extremely important for physicians in the present environment. The insights and skills you engender are of great benefit to health care institutions coworkers, patients, and most importantly, the physicians themselves in terms of their productivity and gratification.”
R. Gilbreath, MD

Here is a quick overview of the different topics I address:

Healthy Conversations: Shifting from I to WE

The quality of our conversations determines the quality of our lives. Inefficient conversations are costly, highly frustrating, and often a waste of time. Now we have the neuroscientific proof of how miscommunication impacts our health. After all, they are often the reasons for increased conflicts, higher divorce rates, and business failure.

A Benchmark Communication survey has shown that nine out of 10 conversations miss the mark.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • When they upgrade their communication skills, they upgrade the quality of life
  • How miscommunication leads to higher levels of stress and disease in the body
  • How small changes in their communication approach can lead to higher levels of trust, deeper connection, greater satisfaction, and better results

In this educational program, Iris combines neuroscientific research with practicality, and she explains the most important skill that any business person needs to master.

Reinventing Yourself

Staying productive in your business and thriving in today’s rapidly changing, globalized world requires constant adjustment. Many people achieve success by powering through – working harder or working longer. And they often get the prize they desire but some may  pay a heavy price.

Reinventing yourself is about working smarter and consciously applying proven principles that lead to more ease, connection, and freedom.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • The one mindset that cuts stress down by 90%
  • The one skill that takes your life to the next level
  • The three principles that create more freedom and time

 If we don’t keep growing, we will fall behind. Growth and progress can be effortless when we know the levers that provide the greatest results.

Stress – let it go for good!

For many people, stress is part of their everyday life. When you read about stress management, most likely you will be reminded of habits such as exercise more frequently, meditate daily, take frequent breaks etc, which require more time which you, of course, don’t have.

To optimize your performance and avoid burnout, you cannot just manage stress. You want to reduce it as much as possible by changing your perspectives, transforming your environment with systems and processes, and simplifying life and work.

Learn in this practical program how to reduce stress, how to lead yourself when the world around you seems crazy, how to make more time for the important things in life, and how to experience more work-life balance. Stress is personal and by you transforming your perspective and environment, you will become an even greater resource for the people around you.

Goin’ to the Dogs – Leadership Lessons Learned from Man’s Best Friend

When a life- and leadership coach gets into training her dogs, you can bet that she will not only get a well-trained dog but that she will find many parallels to teach her human clients about life.

Dogs are not only our life companions that give us unconditional love and help us relieve stress but when we listen closely to their messages and energies, we can learn from them a lot about good leadership.

Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How dogs can be our mirrors and partners for personal development
  • That our interaction with dogs can reveal a lot about our personality and blindspots
  • Lessons from dogs that inspire greater leadership performance

In this entertaining presentation, Iris Grimm will share her top leadership lessons that dogs taught her and how they can help you to become a better leader.
After this presentation you will look at your 4-legged friend from a new perspective and listening to Iris could transform the relationship with your dog.

P.S. This presentation can also be adjusted to “Life Lessons Learned from Dogs.” There is so much we can learn from dogs when we are ready to listen. 


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I enjoyed your recent presentation. It was one of the best overall presentations that I have ever attended. I would strongly recommend that all physicians attend one of your lectures. I have already incorporated many of your recommendations into my personal life.
F. Joseph, MD

Do you have an upcoming retreat, conference, or training day where you want to provide a meaningful, dynamic presentation? If you are looking for a practical, solution-oriented, engaging, and customized program, I invite you to call me. You will get a better feel for who I am and what I aim to provide for my audience.