Hi, I am Iris Grimm.

My Mission is to Bring out the Best in Leaders – for their People, their Dogs, and their Businesses.

Category: Leadership Development, Personal Growth

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Iris is a dynamic leadership and executive coach blending American and East German influences. Known for her Dog-Gone Leadership approach, she expertly translates canine principles into powerful insights for leaders. With warmth, humor, and a passion for dogs, Iris brings a fresh perspective to personal and professional growth.

Why should a Podcast Host book Iris?

Iris shares a unique and insightful perspective on leadership development and personal growth through the lens of Dog-Gone Leadership. With a rare blend of executive coaching expertise, a background shaped by both American and East German cultures, and a passion for dogs, Iris brings a fresh and engaging approach to every conversation. Her diverse topics, ranging from alpha dynamics to the positive impact of dogs in the workplace, promise a podcast experience that is both enlightening and enjoyable, making Iris an excellent choice for any host seeking to enrich their audience’s understanding of effective leadership.


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Leadership Insights: Applying Canine Principles for Business Success
Explore how our relationship and life with dogs exposes key leadership principles applicable in the corporate world.

Navigating Leadership Dynamics: A Comparative Study of “Alphas”
Analyze the characteristics of the alpha dog in a pack and the role of a leader in a company and draw parallels between successful leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Building Trust in Leadership: A Canine-Inspired Approach
Examine the crucial role of trust in both dog-human relationships and corporate leadership, highlighting the significance of consistency, reliability, and genuine connection.
Adaptive Leadership: Tailoring Styles for Team Success
Discuss the diversity of personalities in dogs and its correlation with adaptive leadership in the workplace, focusing on recognizing and leveraging individual team strengths.

Canine Companions in the Workplace: Fostering Creativity and Productivity
Investigate the role of dogs as workplace companions and how their presence contributes to a more vibrant and productive work environment.


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  1. How can the principles learned from our relationships with dogs be practically applied to enhance leadership skills in a corporate setting?
  2. In considering the characteristics of an alpha dog in a pack, what specific traits do successful leaders exhibit, and how does emotional intelligence play a role in effective leadership?
  3. Trust is a key component in both dog-human relationships and corporate leadership. Can you share specific strategies for building and maintaining trust within a team or organization?
  4. Recognizing and adapting to diverse personalities is crucial in both canine and workplace settings. How can leaders identify and leverage the unique strengths of each team member for overall success?
  5. Drawing from your insights on adaptive leadership, can you provide examples of situations where adjusting leadership styles led to improved team dynamics and performance?
  6. In the context of fostering creativity and productivity, how can the presence of dogs in the workplace positively impact the overall work atmosphere and employee well-being?
  7. What studies or research support the idea that having dogs in the workplace can reduce stress levels and contribute to increased morale and creativity among employees?
  8. Are there specific industries or types of work environments where the integration of canine companions has shown more pronounced positive effects on team collaboration and productivity?
  9. How can leaders strike a balance between maintaining a professional work environment and incorporating a dog-friendly culture to enhance employee satisfaction and engagement?
  10. Reflecting on your experiences, can you share a memorable example of a company or leader successfully implementing canine companionship policies to achieve a more innovative and productive workplace?
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Iris Grimm is the founder of Dog-Gone Leadership, a seasoned leadership and executive coach with a unique perspective. Her background as a German living in the USA, combined with her passion for dogs, hiking, and continuous learning, provides an authentic and engaging connection with her clients.

Iris’s love for dogs and the lessons she’s drawn from her own experience and her work with clients have inspired her coaching approach. She brings an added dimension to leadership development, one that is rooted in a deep appreciation for the canine-human relationship. In 2023, she presented her unique perspective in the TEDx talk “How Dogs Make Us Better Leaders.” Her commitment to helping leaders become exceptional in both their professional and personal lives shines through in every aspect of her work.

Iris Grimm sitting at Business RadioX show

As a coach, Iris has a unique ability to connect with her clients on a personal level. Her understanding of the challenges they face and her passion for helping them overcome those challenges are what set her apart. She’s not just an expert in leadership; she’s a guide on your journey to becoming an exceptional leader.

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  1. Five Insights About Dogs and Leadership
  2. The Canine Catalyst: Five Reasons to Bring Dog-Gone Leadership into Your Organization
  3. Dog-Gone Leadership: Creating Impactful Leadership through the Eyes of Our Canine Companions