How Dogs Make Us Better Leaders

Looking for a way to improve your leadership skills? Look no further than your canine friend!

In her TEDx talk, “Dogs Make Us Better Leaders,” Iris Grimm explores the transformative power of canine companionship. With an 11% increase in dog ownership during the pandemic and 69 million US households owning dogs in 2022, it’s clear that they play a big role in our lives. But beyond companionship, Iris Grimm, a leadership coach and trainer for humans and dogs alike, shows us how dogs can help us become better leaders. Drawing on personal experiences and the stories of others, Grimm highlights the hidden gems of dog ownership, particularly of shelter dogs. She explains how adopting dogs with the intention to bring out the best in them can change not only their lives but our own leadership skills as well. Watch this insightful and engaging talk on the unique ways dogs can make us better leaders! When Iris Grimm talks about dogs, she is fierce, compassionate, and practical. Iris believes that dogs can be our greatest teachers when we listen to them. She speaks from experience.

For 22 years, Iris has trained not only her own seven dogs but also fostered and trained many others. As a business owner in the leadership development space, she makes it her mission to raise awareness of the impact that dogs can have on us. She encourages dog adoptions to improve an individual’s life and leadership performance. When she isn’t working, you will find Iris hiking in the North Georgia mountains – with her dogs, of course. Iris is a native German and has been living in the US for the last 27 years. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.