Dog-Gone Leadership - where Leaders connect with Heart

A unique and innovative approach to optimize leadership performance by utilizing canine relationships where you will stop feeling resigned to the status quo and create better outcomes and connections with ease. 

Dogs are not just (wo)men’s best friends. They can mirror our behavior and thinking. They reflect our leadership and energy. They can reveal our blind spots. Therefore, dogs are ideal partners for creating more conscious leaders.

Dog-Gone Leadership with Iris Grimm steps outside of the conventional leadership development box.

  • Dogs shake off their stress with ease. Great leaders shake their stress off quickly and return into an emotional state that serves the situation best.
  • Dogs can read the energy of a room very quickly. Great leaders can read the energy in the room and adjust their style / approach accordingly.
  • Dogs let go of the past very quickly (unless the humans get in the middle of it). Great leaders take nothing personal and let go of any grudges and conflicts swiftly.
  • Dogs reflect our leadership in vivid pictures and behaviors. Great leaders surround themselves with coaches and teachers who reflect to them their blind spots and challenges them to grow.

We take the boring out of leadership development and infuse playfulness, love, mindfulness, surrender and many more leadership principles and skills that we can learn from dogs.

Dog-gone leadership is merging leadership performance with canine guardianship  – pulling out analogies, pointing out differences, and applying principles and skills with the dog that can be translated into the business world. This program is about bringing the best out of everyone – the leader, their team, and the dog.

As a result, participants transform their leadership with, from, and for their dogs – making this a win-win-win situation.


1-1 Coaching: For individuals who want to harness their relationship with their dog to uplevel their leadership performance – in the workplace and with their dog.

Leadership Development Training: From 1-hour to 2-day training events, Dog-Gone Leadership is a fun, insightful and innovative approach to inspire leaders and emerging leaders to be at their best and lead at their best.

Leader Group Coaching Program in a Company: A customized training/coaching program for established and emerging leaders

Public Group Coaching Program: Twice a year, Iris offers this program to the public who want to amp up their leadership performance in their workplace, life, and with their dogs. 

What this program is not:

  • meeting in an experiential playground, similar to equine facilitated therapy and coaching, where participants interact with the animals in a 1 or 2-day program
  • treating employees like dogs or referring to them as dogs
  • dog training where participants are taught how to solve behavioral issues with their dogs. However, as a result of this program, the dog’s behavior can change once the participant changes.

Instead what this program is:

  • An opportunity for your employees to allow their dogs to bring the best leadership traits out of them
  • A unique out-of-the-box approach to leadership development
  • Merging participants’ love with their career aspirations; connecting the heart with mind, and making learning fun.

If this is something that speaks to you, the best way to learn more about this program is through a conversation. I invite you to click here and schedule a time that is convenient for you.