How Can I Support You?

Private and confidential coaching for leaders who are short on time but want quick and long-lasting solutions for current challenges or future goals.

Bring your issues and aspirations. Add to that your motivation and commitment. In this partnership with me, you will create a life and work experience you couldn’t imagine before.

Ideal candidates are executives, entrepreneurs, physician leaders, or frontline leaders.

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Business success depends on team engagement. Most companies lack it. They waste time and resources on conflicts, gossip, confusion, and turnover.

Team programs are designed to help your team overcome distractions, understand how to work better, and improve their work relationships. With less energy misallocated on interpersonal challenges, the team can focus on its real work and achieve its objectives.

Combining coaching, facilitation, consultation, and training, I have proven solutions for the above challenges. They are designed to transform the organizational culture, restore trust, and create healthy conversations among stakeholders.

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Continuing professional development is absolutely essential for organizational success.

Live workshops, webinars, retreats, or training programs are designed to advance your staff to greater performance.

Topics include:

  • Stress control, mindfulness and emotional competence
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Personal leadership skills
  • Combining professional success with personal balance

These programs are evidence-based, proven, interactive, and practical.

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At the end of our sessions, my overriding understanding was that I was not as prepared as I thought I was to take on a directorship/leadership responsibility. I had the possibility, and the desire, and even the ability to lead/direct but I did not have the maturity, the awareness, and the full set of tools to be as effective as I wanted to be. Iris and her coaching showed me that knowledge and allowed me the tools.

Iris helped me to develop as a physician leader by first exposing my inner biases and weakness, working through my personal obstacles, and then developing tools to collaborate with colleagues and staff in healthy, productive and positive ways. She helped me better understand how interactions, communication, and perception can influence the outcome as much as the concrete process can. She helped me disconnect from endpoints and focus on processes and interactions and accept outcomes as they are. Iris helped me control my emotions rather than allowing them to control me.

– Transplant Surgeon & Program Director, Atlanta, GA