Are you feeling frustrated or annoyed more frequently?

Feeling frustration or annoyance frequently can be a major energy drainer in your life. It sucks everything out of you and many times it is hard to recover from this setback. Here is a neuroscientific trick that can dissipate these draining feelings in less than five minutes.

Let’s say you are frustrated by a situation or circumstance that you cannot control or change, such as your EMR software not working efficiently, a person who is annoying you with their performance (or lack thereof) or a body pain that is bothering you.

Getting mad at it won’t change anything; it will not miraculously change the software, it won’t suddenly transform the other person’s commitment, and it definitely won’t take the pain away; instead it will only increase your own negativity.

Instead, you want to set aside what you are doing and totally immerse yourself in every aspect of the experience. I know it sounds crazy but it surely works. Study the EMR and why it is set up the way it is; put yourself in the other person’s shoe, allow the pain to just be there without judging it.

As soon as you are more curious, aware, and watchful, dopamine is released in the reward center of your brain and your irritability is replaced by more contentment, neutrality, and inner peace. Try it out and share your experience below.