Physician Happiness Study and what you can do with it

Last week the 2015 Great American Physician Survey, sponsored by Kareo, revealed a new statistic on physician happiness. In this study, they interviewed 1001 physicians where the majority was male (58.7%) and employed by a hospital or other institution (39.2%) and 29.6% were partners /co-owners of a private practice.

The gist of the study is that most physicians like being a physician, love their job and specialty, and if they had the choice, they would become a physician all over again.

If further details about the survey interest you, you can access the entire results here.

The reason why I share this is for you to turn your happiness awareness up by asking yourself,

  • How happy or satisfied (in case the word “happy” doesn’t resonate with you) do you feel in your job?
  • What do you enjoy the most in your work and why? (Suggestion: be very specific in your answer to get in touch with the feeling)
  • What is dissatisfying and sometimes even frustrating in your job? Do you have the ability and authority to change it or is it a circumstance that you are unable to change?
  • If you can change it – how can you change it so that you are feeling more satisfied and when do you intend to change it?
  • If you can’t change it, how can you shift your mindset so you feel less or no more frustration around it?

Even though not every circumstance can be perfect, with mindset and shifted behavior every individual is able to create a greater sense of happiness in what they do and how they live.

I suggest, don’t use the study to compare yourself with colleagues, but use it as a reminder to bask in your own happiness or make some upgrades if desired.

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