Welcome to “The Canine Leadership Circle”

Ever wondered what leadership lessons you could learn from your dog? Well, wonder no more! I’m Iris, your guide on this unique journey, where we blend the wisdom of canine companionship with the intricacies of leadership in the human world.

🗓 Mark Your Calendar: Third Wednesday of Every Month

On the third Wednesday of each month, join us for up to 60 minutes of exploration and camaraderie. We’re not just talking about leadership at work; we’re diving into the realms of personal growth, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and so much more. It’s a holistic approach to leadership that extends from the boardroom to your living room.

🤔 What’s in Store?

Each month, we’ll engage in interactive discussions and reflection covering a range of topics that align with your leadership expertise and growth. This isn’t your average personal growth seminar – it’s a dynamic, engaging conversation that will leave you with fresh perspectives and practical insights.

🐶 Dog Lover or Not, You’re Welcome! 🐾

While having a dog is a plus, it’s not a prerequisite. What matters is your commitment to personal growth and leadership. Of course, a fondness for our furry friends will add an extra wag to a tail, but hey, who doesn’t love dogs?

👥 Why You Should Join:

  • Interactive: This isn’t a one-way presentation where Iris talks and you listen. Instead, your active participation is key to unlocking the full potential and getting the biggest value out of these session.
  • Camera On, Lights Bright: Keep those cameras on! Active engagement leads to greater success, and I want to see your smile (and maybe a tail or two).
  • Community Building: Forge connections with like-minded individuals committed to leadership growth. Together, we’re not just a circle; we’re a community pack ready to learn with, for, and from our dogs.

Ready to lead with more tail wagging? Check out the available dates below and RVSP for an upcoming meeting. 
See you in the circle!