Be At Your Best

What does it look like when you are at your best? How would you look? Your eyes, your expression, your body, your clothing, your office. your car? How would you feel throughout the day? What would you think? What would you celebrate?
As a leader your personal well-being, your stamina, your emotional health, your attitude, your efficiency are not only contagious but also role models. After all, “you can’t expect something from someone else that you can’t expect of yourself.”
Being at your best is about optimizing your body, mind, and environment for optimal performance. It is about setting yourself up for a marathon, not a sprint, that gives you the highest level of enjoyment with the performance that allows you to get to the finish line. What would it mean for you to be at your best?

Feel at your best

Your emotional well-being is not only important when it comes to interacting with others but also when it comes to personal effectiveness and performance. A tired, depressed, or angry mind cannot think optimistically into the future. The way you feel determines your patience and your emotional control when things don’t go the way you would like them to.
Feeling at your best takes self-awareness but also effective and quick exercises to change your emotional state quickly.

Think at your best

The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your work and leadership. After all, you get paid and promoted for your brain power, creativity, and decision-making. Your thoughts also determine your emotional well-being. Thinking at your best requires self-awareness and taking care of your physical body. But it also requires that you know where thinking comes from and how you can positively influence it.

Look at your best –

The way you look and show up in the world has a big impact on your confidence, performance, and attitude.
Dress in a way that makes you look your best. Wear clothes that feel good and suit your body shape. Wear colors that suit your skin tone.  Eat nutritious and live food that gives you energy and keeps you alert. Drink enough healthy fluids to keep your body hydrated and function properly. Sleep the ideal number of hours that your body requires to get refreshed.

Surround yourself with the best

“We reflect our environment or we adapt to our environment.” Having a well-functioning environment is essential for optimal performance. This includes having solid systems, processes, and effective people in place.
Design your the environment so that it supports your optimal performance and fits your personality and workflow.

If being at your best speaks to you and you feel ready to explore it further, I invite you to a quick self-reflection exercise. Sign up for access in the form to your right, and I will send you the link immediately. Or click here to explore leading at your best and living at your best.