Team Programs

Build trust. Engage your team. Have fun at work. Make a difference in the community.
Leading a well run, harmonious and productive team requires constant development and engagement. Most companies assemble teams or “throw in” new team members without proper guidance, leadership, or integration. As a result, teams struggle with

  • interpersonal challenges and gossip
  • wasted time in meetings
  • confusion
  • conflicts
  • subpar performance
  • high turnover and low engagement

Partnerships are created in conversations. Teams are created in conversations. Visions are created in conversations. Results are created because of conversations. Everything happens through conversations.

But not every conversation is a success. That’s why teams struggle. As a matter of fact, 9 out of 10 conversations don’t hit the mark. That means when deconstructed through research, observations, and recordings, 9 out of 10 conversations were visible and anecdotal “low-level connectivity.” Fail to hit the mark means that people walk away with different views of reality and what they agreed upon.

To restore your team, overcome challenges, and boost productivity and engagement, your team needs to have different and healthier conversation. In my programs, I help team members discover what they have in common which frees them to communicate and co-operate in new ways. They will also learn new tools and the scientific background on how their communication shapes their reality and experience. This is the gateway to creating new results. In this process, I bring emotional awareness to conversations that give courage to participants to be more honest with themselves and others. This clears the air for healthy and trusting relationships with more respect, creative problem-solving and better performance.

As a coach certified in Conversational Intelligence, I am determined to help organizations build better workplaces and improve the quality of the human work experience. If you or your organization struggles with a major trust, relationship, or human performance issue, I invite you to have a conversation about it. There is a problem for every solution. When you stand too close to the problem, you cannot see the available options for improvement. Click on the button below to access my online calendar or click here to email me.