Live At Your Best

Work is here to support life. Life is here to enjoy. I know many leaders who make their work their life. That is fine as long as it is by conscious design, they are getting tremendous joy out of it and it doesn’t limit the freedom of other people around them. When you don’t design and lead your life intentionally, work can always dominate your time.
Having a life outside of work is absolutely critical to refresh your body, expose your mind to new ideas and life experiences, and to enjoy the time with family. What does a life well-lived looks like to you?

Balance between play and rest

A lot of people look at balance from a time perspective between personal life and work. But what they tend to forget is time for rest. When ideally your work is play and your personal life is play, you still need rest to replenish your energy. Know how much rest you need, make your work play, optimize your environment, and you will never work another day in your life or crave work-life balance.


Spend time with your family

There are a lot of successful leaders but they fail as family members. They think that as long as they take care of the family financially, they are doing okay. Now there may be many spouses who are fine with that but children need a set of parents to prepare them for life.
Communicate with your family and co-create a life that works well for everyone involved.

Revive your creativity

A lot of people look at hobbies frivolously. Who has the time? And when the evening stretches out before you, unscheduled, you might find yourself laboring over a work project, answering emails, or surfing social media. Spending time on a hobby gives you the break and creativity that is needed for optimal work performance. The confidence you gain from challenging yourself in your hobby can help prepare you for learning new things at work. And they open your mind to new possibilities. If you could pursue any hobby what would it be?

Live with no regrets

Life has a lot to offer. How much of that do you experience? Many people put their life on hold until they retire. Once they retire, they hope that they can enjoy all the things that they missed out on during their career.

Don’t wait so long. Live happens now. Make a bucket list. Schedule yearly vacations. Make time for new experiences. Have fun. And let work be.

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