Get off to a Great Start in your Leadership Role

– Build a strong and high-performing team with ease

– Minimize critical mistakes

– Make the impact you came here to create

Your next career ambition is coming true:

  • You were promoted to your first leadership role recently,
  • you are either promoted to a higher leadership role
  • you just bought a business with a current team in place.


The expectations are high. The excitement is high and so is the pressure.

Based on my experience with many leaders who have been in this position before, the enthusiasm settles quickly once they occupy their new offices.

Your new team is going through its challenges during the transition. All eyes and pressure are on you. Your task list is demanding. There is not enough time in the day to figure it all out by yourself. You need to find an effective way of building trust with your team (upper leadership, external customer base), aligning the team behind your vision, and providing them the guidance and inspiration to work collaboratively towards common goals.

Most leaders try to figure it all out on their own. They work through many nights, learn by trial and error, burn some bridges, cut losses, and improve with time. This approach can work but is rather expensive.

Working with a leadership coach right at the onset of your new leadership position is an effective way to minimize mistakes, get outside feedback, focus on proven leadership methods, and build a high-performing and trusting team.

Over 22 years, I’ve worked with many professionals who were ready and needed to expand their own potential and the capacity of their teams in order to make a bigger difference in the businesses. They needed a fresh perspective that allowed them to think in a bigger way that opened up opportunities that they haven’t recognized before.

Leadership is as much about your growth as it is about team growth. After all, you can’t expect something from someone else that you don’t expect of yourself.

Through my one-on-one coaching programs, my clients look at their leadership and life situations with a new set of eyes. I offer them guidance that not only expands their own potential but the potential of the people around them.

If this is something that speaks to you, the best way to learn more about my approach to leadership coaching is to experience it first-hand. My programs are ideal for professionals who just stepped into a new/higher leadership role and are ready and serious about minimizing mistakes and maximizing the relationship with their new teams. I invite you to click here and schedule a conversation with me.

I hired Iris to work with me through some particularly difficult times – I was overwhelmed with the demands of being a business owner and was in “survival mode,” not fulfilling my personal needs as well as just getting by on a professional service delivery basis.

Iris was able to help me see how I was in control of my life, (both personally and professionally) and worked with me to develop strategies and approaches that worked for me.

She is an amazing coach and provided me with the ability to develop and implement solutions that will work for a lifetime.

I highly recommend Iris to healthcare professionals in high-pressure careers – her coaching and counsel have definitely made the difference for me.

Healthcare Consultant, Houston, TX

My Gift to You

Starting a new leadership position brings a lot of stress, overtime, and deep thinking. It can easily happen that you will put your personal life on the back burner for a while. Unless you don’t want to.

Fill out the form to your right and watch the mini-video series where I will share with you five effective skills that help you get settled in your new role with ease.