Whether you want to be a better team leader, a better industry leader, or a better dog leader, it all comes back to one thing – Better Self-Leadership.

As a business leader/owner, you wear many hats. Initially, you were promoted or started your business because of your technical expertise and competencies. Now your area of responsibility is bigger and you feel the pressure. There is not enough time in the day to get it all done. You need to find a more effective way of engaging your team but there is no time to figure that all out for yourself. And it feels like you have reached the limits of your own personal capacity.

Over the last 21 years, I’ve worked with many individuals who were ready and needed to expand their own potential and the capacity of their teams in order to make a bigger difference in the business. They needed a fresh perspective that allowed them to think in a bigger way that opened up opportunities that they haven’t recognized before.

Leadership is just as much about own growth as it is about team growth. After all, you can’t expect something from someone else that you don’t expect of yourself.

Through my one-on-one coaching programs, my clients look at their life and work situation with a new set of eyes. I offer them guidance that not only expands their own potential but the potential of the people around them.

If this is something that speaks to you, the best way to learn more about my approach to leadership coaching is to experience it first-hand. My programs are ideal for individuals who are ready and serious about change in all aspects of their lives. I invite you to click here and schedule a conversation with me.

I hired Iris to work with me through some particularly difficult times – I was overwhelmed with the demands of being a business owner and was in “survival mode,” not fulfilling my personal needs as well as just getting by on a professional service delivery basis.

Iris was able to help me see how I was in control of my life, (both personally and professionally) and worked with me to develop strategies and approaches that worked for me.

She is an amazing coach and provided me with the ability to develop and implement solutions that will work for a lifetime.

I highly recommend Iris to healthcare professionals in high-pressure careers – her coaching and counsel have definitely made the difference for me.

Healthcare Consultant, Houston, TX