….. is a topic that I explored this morning in a networking/coaching group called Roswell Cross Connect led by Peter Gibson. During this 90-minute conversation, we discussed how to build a business by overcoming opposite buttons. Actions or inaction. Courage or conformity. Freedom or structure.

One of my biggest challenges is having the discipline of doing the things that help me be and perform at my best which includes daily routines such as meditation, exercise, gratitude journaling, energy work, writing, eating healthy, keeping my body hydrated, stretching my body, visualization, and the list goes on. A few years ago I came up with a list of 22 things I “should” do daily to be at my best. Of course, if I did all these things every day, I wouldn’t be able to start my work until noon.

What I realized for myself in this conversation yesterday is my addiction to perfection and how little freedom I give myself. When I can’t check off all these important routines, it’s just not good enough. When my exercise routine is not in a certain format, it’s just not good enough. When I meditate just 10 minutes, it’s not good enough. When I spend my time just on email writing but not on article writing, it doesn’t count.

Perfection is the only thing that is good enough. And there is no freedom for me.

When we look at life and work from extremes, whether they are perfection, deficiency, discipline, free flow, freedom, structure, actions or inactions, there is no freedom, there is no room for joy and creativity. What makes life pleasurable and productive is a happy medium that everyone has to define for themselves. In this conversation today I created the new freedom and structure that picking five different routines out of the 22 each day is good enough. No more pressure to meditate every day, write every day, or exercise every day. Instead, I will look at my menu of care items and ask myself, “what does my body or mind need today?” As long as I pick 5 out of the 22 care items each day, I know I take good care of myself.

From here on out I am letting myself off the hook and create more freedom in my structure. Who says that opposites can’t coexist in balance?

Questions for reflection:

  • In what area of work or life do you experience very little freedom due to constringent beliefs?
  • What routines did you incorporate to ensure you perform at your best?
  • Or what do you want to include in your life to be at your best?
  • What opposite buttons do you try to overcome in your business?