In this 4-minute interview, Iris explains how Dog-Gone Leadership is unique as a leadership development training in companies. Dogs can stay at home and eat on their bones while their caretakers learn effective leadership skills that make them not only better leaders in their companies but also at home. 

It is a “buy one, get one free” program that is fun, engaging, and practical in many ways.

This program is ideal in pet-friendly workplaces or in any company where people appreciate a fresh approach to leadership development.  

So if I understood you correctly, you market your dog-gone workshops on leadership development and performance improvement in companies. Does that mean that the employees have to bring their dogs to your workshops?

Oh no, that would be too difficult because I don’t know how well-behaved and socialized these dogs are and that would create a big chaos.

And after all, my programs are not dog training programs. But I find out how many of the participants have dogs and if the majority have dogs, had dogs, or love dogs, I will use stories with dogs, examples with dogs, training with dogs as my foundation to convey important leadership principles or Emotional Intelligence skills in the workplace. And that is so interesting to watch because I invite people into a different world to look at leadership and Emotional Intelligence from an angle that typically fascinates them differently. And then I bring in their challenges from the workplace and build a bridge of how the skills that they use with their dogs can be adjusted to create similar results when we interact with people in the workplace.

And therefore it makes learning more fun because we talk about something that they love or fascinates them, such as their dogs and then we stretch their thinking about leadership. And with that they get a BOGO (buy one, get one free deal because they apply better leadership in the workplace with their staff members and they can apply these skills similarly at home with their dog and they will create different behaviors there.