It's a Doggone Life - Things I didn't learn at Harvard

by Radjiv Jadhav, Victor Lee, Iris Grimm

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In September 2022, Rajiv, Victor, and I had a fun conversation about Dog-Gone Leadership – using dogs as a bridge to better leadership. We explored the connection between understanding and leading dogs and leading humans, and we also talked about empathy, communication, and balance.

I emphasized the importance of incorporating empathy and discipline in both dog training and management. We also discussed the profound impact of dogs on emotional well-being, workplace culture, and leadership effectiveness.

Click on the link and listen as we uncover the valuable leadership lessons learned from our furry companions and explore the transformative power of empathetic, balanced leadership in both the canine and corporate worlds.


Key Takeaways:

🐶 Dogs as Leadership Guides: We talked about how I leverage insights from my dog training to teach leadership principles and how we transform the way people lead and communicate, creating a unique connection between pet-friendly companies and leadership development.

🐾 Balancing Empathy and Discipline: The conversation highlighted the importance of striking a balance between empathy and discipline in both dog training and leadership, emphasizing the need to prioritize relationships while achieving results in a thoughtful and intentional manner.

🧠 Empathy and Communication: The discussion emphasized the significance of emotional intelligence and effective communication, drawing parallels between human-animal and human-human interactions, showcasing the value of understanding others’ needs and messages.

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Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Coaching to be better leaders for dogs.

05:29 Align brain and heart to succeed in business.

07:17 Empathy towards dogs vs. sales team contrast.

11:45 Learn patience and compassion from interaction with dogs.

15:50 Interesting scene in movies: Lassie and communication.

17:09 Understanding dogs’ communication through language and energy.

20:18 Targeting small to medium pet-friendly businesses.

23:06 Remote dog training avoids chaos of in-person.

27:19 Emotional support animals improve well-being and spirits.

29:45 Send comments, questions, and feedback for networking.