How do you incorporate dogs into training business leaders?

Now that varies because I have group workshops that I provide in companies and I also work 1-1 with business leaders all over the country.

Let’s start with the second, when clients tell me about a situation that they face in their company, I deviate the conversation shortly towards their dog. I may ask how they handle a similar situation with their dog or we may discuss how a dog would act in a situation like this. Another option I bring in is where I will ask them something about their dog that allows me to bring a different angle to the conversation. In that way, I change the way my client looks at the situation and then often times they will see or create a solution they couldn’t see or do before. 

Now what I also like to do to incorporate dogs into training business leaders is by asking my clients to practice certain exercises with their dogs. And by doing that, leaders can transform their behavior – from being more present, responding vs reacting, practicing patience and so much more.

And then, of course, the walk with the dog is a big part of leadership development that can be used in a variety of situations.

Now when I provide a workshop in a company where I either teach a leadership program or a performance improvement program, the dogs are not allowed in the room. But I use so many examples from me working with my own dogs or me coaching dog owners with their dogs where I teach certain leadership and performance principles that apply in the workplace. And what is so cool about it, is that participants also learn a lot about leading their dogs more effectively even though they are in a work performance improvement workshop. Which makes it a win-win-win.