I am thrilled to share the exciting insights from my recent podcast interview on “Find Your Leadership Confidence” with host Vicki Noethling. As the interviewee, I had the opportunity to discuss my unique approach to leadership development, which involves learning from our canine companions.

During the podcast, I emphasized the incredible impact dogs can have on up-leveling leadership skills both in the workplace and in our personal lives. By adopting dogs from shelters, we not only provide them with a loving home but also gain valuable lessons from their experiences. These dogs have much to teach us about trust, effective communication, and empathy, which are crucial qualities in successful leadership.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of trust, effective communication, and empathy in leadership. Instead of blaming individuals, we want to focus on finding solutions and building trust within our teams. Dogs demonstrate their understanding of these principles through non-verbal communication and body language, teaching us to be better listeners and more effective leaders.

Furthermore, dogs can teach us invaluable lessons in managing stress and maintaining balance. They shake off stress quickly and return to their balanced selves, a skill that many humans struggle with. By observing their behavior and body language, we can also learn to read and respond to non-verbal cues in our workplace interactions.

During the podcast, I also spoke about my recent TEDx talk at Alexander Park, where I drew a parallel between learning from shelter dogs and learning from employees with diverse backgrounds and histories. By adopting or fostering dogs and working to bring out the best in them, we can apply the same principles to our interactions with our team members, fostering growth and development.

So check out the podcast. It is a great opportunity to expand your leadership skills and learn from the wisdom and experiences of our canine friends.

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