A couple of months ago, Jeff Christian from C4Leaders.org invited me to his podcast “Life’s Essential Ingredients Podcast.” Jeff leads the only non-profit organization to utilize the pizza-making process to create learning opportunities for those we know, love, and care about to be: seen, heard, and loved.

In this episode, titled “Iris Grimm helps people RISE to the challenge,” Jeff and I discuss the importance of self-care and the role of our beloved dogs in bringing joy and compassion to our lives.

As we explore the essential ingredients of life, Jeff and I also touch on emotional competence, the significance of being fully present, and the transformative power of compassion and understanding.

Prepare to be inspired as we reflect on our commitment to ongoing growth. Don’t miss this thought-provoking and heartwarming episode that celebrates the depth of human-animal connections and the art of compassionate leadership.

Life's Essential Ingredients: Iris Grimm Helps People RISE to the Challenge

by Jeff Christian and Iris Grimm | Life's Essential Ingredients.

Timestamp Overview

04:10 Purpose of life is enriching oneself to serve others.

09:34 Personal growth, empathy, and joy in life.

13:48 Limited dog culture growing up, first pet 2001.

17:37 Using dog analogies to improve leadership communication.

21:25 Promote love through unconditional acceptance and compassion.

25:47 Embracing leadership and its challenges in teamwork.

30:03 Discussing deep stuff, challenging oneself, Tough Mudder experience.

33:18 Prepare, understand, and free yourself for success.

35:27 Participated in comedy workshop and improv group.

39:07 Sharing and appreciating diversity through pizza slices.

42:47 Emotions as pizza toppings, exploring emotional competence.

45:30 Understanding emotional triggers, accumulation of past events.

50:10 Great books for personal growth and healing.

51:28 John Austin’s quote: leaving a lasting impact.