Holistic Approaches to Easing Anxiety in Rescue Dogs

A virtual conference for dog lovers: Feb 19-25, 2024

The event is for those who have adopted a dog who is anxious, perhaps reactive, struggling to overcome trauma or separation anxiety. And it’s for those who are considering adopting a dog but might hesitate because they worry about the “baggage” a rescue dog might come with.

You’ll walk away with plenty of kind, gentle, holistic, connection-based tools and solutions so you feel equipped to support your dog. 

I am one of the 15 presenters who will share their wisdom and expertise during this summit. My talk is titled “Love Your Dog’s Future Self” where I share how our mindset can shape a dog’s behavior.

Rescue dogs are not “damaged goods” and you have what it takes to give them the life they deserve.

If you haven’t already, grab your free spot here: