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Earlier this year, I was invited to the Podcast “What Animals Tell Me” with Annie Bourke from Australia.

In this episode, we discussed the powerful intersection of animal insights and leadership development. We exchanged our ideas about the use of dogs as analogies for leadership principles. We also discussed how tapping into the emotional connection with animals can transform our leadership skills.

Additionally, we explored the importance of understanding and patience in helping animals overcome trauma, drawing impactful parallels to leadership challenges in the workplace.

Join us in embracing the invaluable lessons our furry friends present and elevate your leadership journey with their wisdom.

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Love for dogs can improve workplace skills.

04:26 Expert dog trainer shares leadership principles through dogs.

10:20 Support group for dog owners combating surrendering.

11:26 Supporting and sharing solutions for dog owners.

16:54 Rescue dog seeks attention through misbehavior.

20:22 Animals require patience, intuitive, and space.

22:27 Guide with heart, not just human psychology.

26:06 Learn from dog’s patience and compassion. Apply.

28:34 Website irisgrimm.com offers events and dog resources.

31:19 Grateful for sharing impactful experiences with listeners.