Why do you do what you do?

First, it is a natural blend of my two loves – dogs and leadership development. I have been working with business leaders in their companies for over 20 years and I have been volunteering in the dog rescue world and teaching dog owners how to create harmonious relationships with their dogs for over 10 years, And so being in those two worlds at the same time allowed me to see the similarities between the leadership of people and leadership with dogs. And then over time through trial and error, I included dogs in my leadership development programs in companies.

Now another reason why I do what I do is the current need to raise the consciousness and inner strength of people. People are having a tough time in life right now on so many levels that we all know. One indicator of this is also the number of dogs that get surrendered to shelters and here in the South, that number has skyrocketed. What I know for sure is before someone gives up a dog, they give up on themselves first.

With that being said, my intention is to raise the awareness of people that dogs can be their partners to take their life quality, their health and also their leadership quality to a higher level.