For the last 10 years, almost every week, I have had a conversation with a dear friend of mine. Last week she shared with me a secret that surprised even me. In one of her hypnotherapy sessions, she uncovered that her lack of worthiness and lack of deserving to be loved comes from an early childhood trauma.

When she was a little girl, one of her biggest wishes was to have a dog. At age 5, her parents bought her a dog. But less than a month later, the dog was gone. Her parents told her that the dog had run away. She was devastated. But she kept on asking.

When she was about 7 years old, she was gifted another dog. But at the young age of 7, she couldn’t take care of the dog the way a grown-up can, and a couple of months later, her parents gave the dog away.

My friend is now in her mid 50’s and she is still impacted by her parents’ decision. During a hypnotherapy session, this childhood trauma opened up. It wasn’t until this moment that she realized that losing her two dogs had such a big impact on her whole life.

Many families bought puppies and dogs as Christmas gifts for children. And unfortunately, some of them will give the dogs away without even telling their children beforehand. Caring for a dog is a responsibility that requires commitment and structure. With the right tools and support, dogs can be an enrichment for the entire family. But when adults give up the dog, it can be a traumatic event for the children, that can last for a lifetime.

Fortunately, there are so many more solutions available for dog adopters than 50 years ago. And one solution is my monthly training program called, “Dog Owner Training for Newly Adopted Dogs” – a virtual training program where dog owners learn tips and strategies to create a harmonious and conflict-free home environment with their dogs. 

Customized to your questions, you will work out the challenges with your dog, whether it is dog training or lifestyle-related. Your investment is a $25 tax-deductible donation to the rescue group of your choice. 

Don’t wait until things get worse. You and your dog deserve a great life together.