In this episode of “Soul Touched By Dogs,” host Anke Herrmann interviews me, Iris Grimm, the creator of the Dog-Gone Leadership program. Among a few other things, I share my journey of merging my love for dogs with my expertise in leadership coaching, revealing how canine wisdom can offer fresh insights into work dynamics.

Our conversation highlights the parallels between leading dogs and leading people, emphasizing the importance of balancing empathy and firm guidance. We also discuss the transformative impact of consistent commitment to relationships, and I provide valuable resources for dog owners and those seeking leadership improvement.

Tune in for an enlightening discussion on how the wisdom of dogs can elevate leadership in the workplace. Click on the blue image below to listen to the interview on Spotify.

A Fresh Perspective on Leadership - Bringing Canine Wisdom Into The Workplace

by Anke Herrmann and Iris Grimm | Souls Touched By Dogs

Timestamped Overview:

00:00 Dog training evolved into workshops benefiting rescue groups.

05:37 Parallels between dogs and humans in the workplace.

07:25 People adopting dogs need confident, calm leadership.

11:14 Effective leaders meet people where they are.

16:12 Connect via or LinkedIn, free programs.

17:27 Encouragement to subscribe, review, and connect online.